My response:

Do the German press actually realise that the rest of the world (yes, and that includes old-enemies such as England and the Netherlands) hold both Joachim Löw and the German team in high esteem and a model to aspire to.

Yet within your own country (and I was in Germany in July 2012 so I saw the full backlash), you seem intent to continue to find problems where there aren’t any (a little bit of tweaking required, yes, but the team in a mess, no way), probably with the aim of selling newspapers and creating storylines.

Do you have the good of the national team, and its fine blend of young multi-cultural role-models that put your country in such a glowing light truly at heart. Deep down I really doubt it.

Jogi Löw muss neue Reize setzen | 11 Freunde.

And I see the ‘comments’ section contains the usual personal stuff which it would appear the average German football supporter seems unable to refrain from using to stress their point. That is to your detriment, not Joachim Lèw’s.

If you need to insult someone (or at least what you, in your small-minded way, believe is an insult), in order to put forward your opinion about them as a professional, you are either incapable of expressing yourself, or you don’t have a point to express in the first place. I’ll leave each poster to work out which applies in their individual case.