Task for this week is to update and add some more Interviews with Jogi to my Magazine Articles section.

First up has been the completion of the Mobil interview from 2011.

And today I have added the Der Spiegel interview from earlier this month.

Unsurprisingly, the parts of the interview considered worthy of reproduction by the online media were the comments about Pep Guardiola and the strength in depth required in the German squad.

Also worthy of comment from the rest of the article, however, was his answer about his alleged’disappearing’ and not making himself accountable after the Euro 2012 exit. This belief I have also read on occasions, and been somewhat annoyed by, over the past months. As Jogi points out in the interview, not only did he attend the usual post-match UEFA press conference and TV interviews, but also held a press conference actually on the flight home (a disgraceful imposition, in my opinion), and then again when landing back in Germany, all of which were fully covered by me at the time and are now in my June Archive.

Let us now move a little further down the article and read about his ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro!

“Then I set myself a goal. Okay. Ten steps. Try it again now. Ten steps. And then another ten. In between I stand almost asleep despite a pulse of 180, completely exhausted and wet with sweat.”

Totally inspiring and I, for one, afford him my complete admiration for such an inspiring achievement!

On my ‘waiting list’ to be added next are the interview by Monica Lierhaus last year, a Sport-Bild feature with Angela Merkel, plus a Stern interview from 2008.

I am always looking for interviews to upload, especially those that don’t appear anywhere online, so do let me know of anything else I can include!