Wishing Michael Ballack a happy retirement, enjoyed watching him as both a Germany and a Chelsea player over the years! Thanks for the memories!

Meanwhile here is a composite selection of some of the jolly folks he has been responsible for introducing me too.

“It’s all Joachim Löw’s fault Michael Ballack is no longer playing for Germany.”

No it isn’t. It’s Father Time’s. Or maybe Kevin-Prince Boateng’s.

“Michael Ballack shouldn’t have been kicked-off the team by Joachim Löw”

He wasn’t. He was injured prior to the 2010 World Cup, injured again the following season and was subsequently unable to get his place back on merit.

“If he was never going to play for Germany again, Joachim Löw should have told him after the 2010 World Cup!”

And you buy your crystal balls at…..?

“In that case Michael Ballack should always be considered for Germany for evermore. He’s the captain, the legend.”

OK, let’s pick Franz Beckenbauer as well then.

“Joachim Löw should have given Michael Ballack a testimonial”

No, he shouldn’t. He’s the coach. That isn’t his job.

“Joachim Löw should have played Michael Ballack one last time.”

He was offered a friendly game, and turned it down. That’s his prerogative, but don’t say he wasn’t offered it!

“Joachim Löw needs to show some #respect”.

How? By playing someone who is semi-fit and struggling to start with his club? How does that respect anyone – the team, the fans, the player himself? Including whoever is also in the team and must be dropped to make way.

“Joachim Löw needs to stop slagging Michael Ballack off.”

He hasn’t. In fact his statement back in June 2011 was full of the most eloquent praise for all his former captain had achieved. Yet another of those statements constantly made by those with axes to grind but without the quotes or facts to back it up.

“Michael Ballack has achieved too much ever to be left out of the German side. Joachim Löw is a [insert expletive here].”

A certain Mr Bobby Moore was left out of the England side when his career had started on the downward slope, and accepted it. And he achieved quite a bit, didn’t he?

“Bobby who?”

Ah, forget it….

“blah, blah, hate you, Joachim Löw, blah, blah, hate you, Joachim Löw”

Some people hate prejudice, some hate animal cruelty, you hate a coach because he doesn’t pick the player you want. Perhaps that says more about your mentality than it does his.

I’ll miss you all!!