The winter break is over, and so the German media are back to their normal happy habits. Yes, that’s right, let’s find someone to criticise Joachim Löw.

And today’s it’s Felix Magath’s turn. In Bild, he has the following quotes attributed to him:

“What is already bothering now is the talk of the heat in Brazil As a footballer, you have to play whether it’s hot or cold.. These are just excuses.” Although I do not have a specific quote from Magath mentioning Jogi, the press have jumped on his words and come up with the headlines “Magath schimpft über Löw”, inferring that Magath is criticising a .’complaining’ and ‘excuse-making’ Bundestrainer.

So, let’s look at EXACTLY what Joachim Löw has said on the subject of conditions in Brazil in the past month or so.

Quote 1:

“In our preparations, we have to get used to the humidity and high temperatures,” said Löw.
“I have already been to Fortaleza and Recife, where we will find difficult conditions to acclimatise to. We will have to adapt our preparations.”

Complaining? Excuses? Absolutely Not.
Awareness that sensible preparation is required for a tournament held in different conditions than seen in Europe, Yes.

Quote 2:

“But if you start complaining about your lot, get annoyed about things and then take it onto the pitch, you have already lost.”

Complaining? Excuses?
I think that statement strikes me as the perfect example of the complete opposite.

(As for whether the pitch is blue, green or yellow – shall we just file that one with Uli Hoeness and his ping-pong tables)

Joking aside, Magath’s intention appears to be to attribute his own sentiments to the National Team, well aware that the average fan reading will not bother to go back and check what has actually been said. Meanwhile Magath’s shit-stirring and lies receive the publicity in the media that he fully intended them to.

So before you believe this article is in any way a true reflection of the German national team going into Brazil, do this one thing. Take the time to read exactly what Joachim Löw really said. As usual, you will find plenty on my website, on this occasion halfway down down the page of my December 2013 Archive

And if you happen to know Felix Magath, do send him the link with my blessing.