Having again, it would appear, nothing to occupy himself with, Felix Magath has re-surfaced, with all the predictability of headlice in the second week of a primary school term.

This time he apparently feels the need to criticise Jogi (and, for added measure, Oliver Bierhoff too) for being ‘understated’. Magath kritisiert Löw und Bierhoff wegen Tiefstapelei

What has he done wrong this time? According to Magath, it would seem, he has not been stating that Germany are certainties for the World Cup and (shock! horror!) the Bundestrainer has actually been acknowledging there are other teams that stand a chance in Brazil.

Selectively editing a man’s quotes and using them against him (see my earlier points below) to suit your own agenda and attract publicity would be unsavoury if the subject was speaking nonsense, but to do so when all he is voicing is a certain amount of common sense is even more objectionable. Whatever you might think, Felix, Germany are NOT clear favourites, and, yes, checking my Weather App, it would appear it most definitely IS hot in Brazil, and the German management have every right to state as much.

I am sure that should Joachim Löw and his team stride around, and with much chest-beating, proclaim they were certainties to win, Felix and his chronies would come out, equally damning, criticising their arrogance.

You just can’t win.

On the subject of which, perhaps the man who backed Fulham to stay up should surely realise the self-sure can be just as wrong as the modest, and showing grace to an opponent does not necessarily mean you will be defeated by them.

After all, I seem to remember once Jogi saying Germany were wary of Wayne Rooney, and we all know what happened there!

Magath appears keen to admit that he and Löw have ‘different philosophies’. I probably don’t think anyone would disagree with that. But isn’t that what makes the game of football so interesting? So at what point should it become necessary to publically ‘have a go’ at someone simply because he is more of a gentleman than you are?

With his latest condemnation, Magath is truly scraping the bottom of the barrel in a desire to criticise simply for the sack of it.