December is always a busy month in my Archive Section with the usual end-of-year reviews and interviews. This year it was naturally going to be even more so.

The month started off with the announcement that Jogi was in the final three for the FIFA Coach of the Year (awarded on 12 January 2015), and further honours followed in December including Kicker Man of the Year and L’Equipe Manager Sportif de l’Année. He also accepted the Team of the Year award on behalf of the German national team at the Sportier des Jahres TV event and received a standing ovation, arriving with the World Cup trophy, at RTL’s 2014 Jahresrückblick, in addition fitting in what has now become a regular appearance on charity fundraiser ‘Ein Herz für Kinder’.

Details of all these interviews and appearances can be found on my:

December 2014 Archives

So it remains for me to give you a final thank you to everyone who has called in to both my blog and my website over the past 12 months. It has been a wonderful year for those of us who have supported Jogi throughout the less-than-good times, and a year in which those who had previously chosen to criticise and undermine have perhaps been reminded that football is indeed a game of ups and downs!

Although Germany do not have another game until the end of March, January 2015 has two major talking points – the FIFA World Coach of the Year award (fingers crossed!) and on 23 January Joachim Löw will be awarded the prestigious Deutscher Medienpreis.

Both events and everything else that follows in 2015 will naturally be covered on my website at

“A Whole Lotta Löw”.

See you in 2015!!