It was wonderful last night to sit down in front of my computer screen and watch, for the first time, ‘Die Mannschaft’ the movie of Germany’s triumphant World Cup victory last summer.

However, it seems to me that it is not widely appreciated the amount of fans of the German team that, to put it simply, don’t understand German! Or those, like myself, who can’t necessarily understand every single word. It would seem to be me to be a wonderful opportunity to also include them in celebrating the victory by allowing them to understand every subtle nuance of the movie by producing a DVD version with subtitles.

In addition to this there must be millions of worldwide football fans who would like to watch the movie for the sheer interest of seeing behind the scenes at a football tournament, to hear the interviews, to marvel at Jogi’s pre-match motivational speeches, etc.

Not to mention the financial and marketing sense it would make to the film company concerned!!

SO, please join my Facebook group and campaign to have the movie released with subtitles. I have had no definite yes or no whether it will, but let’s show everyone we want it anyway!

Release ‘die Mannschaft’ with subtitles campaign