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On Monday the FIFA World Coach of the Year award will be decided.

We all have our favourites, and we all have our opinion as to who should win, and why. You may or may not have read mine in my article Who Built the Rocket, why Joachim Löw deserves to be FIFA Coach of the Year. You may or may not agree with me.

However this is a democratic vote, decided by world coaches, captains and selected football journalists, people with great knowledge of the game, the peers of those candidates involved. Names that are respected and admired throughout the world.

I would therefore now like to make this pledge to all fans of Diego Simeone, Carlo Ancelotti, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and football in general.

Should either Diego Simeone or Carlo Ancelotti win FIFA Coach of the Year award on Monday, I will immediately come onto twitter and congratulate them as rightful winners, having collected the most votes in an election process.

I will not come on whinging, complaining or even childishly insulting the right of those voting to have an opinion different to mine, or, worse still, inferring that a decision I disagree with must somehow be tainted.

I now hand you, in return, perhaps the biggest challenge of all. And judging by what I have been reading lately it may prove one far greater than winning La Liga or the Champions League.

If Joachim Löw wins, let’s see if you have the grace, dignity and maturity to do likewise.

“A Whole Lotta Löw

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