The 2014/2015 season has come to a close with Joachim Löw having travelled not just within Germany but abroad to four separate countries (Switzerland, England, Italy and Spain) watching matches.

Out and About 2014/2015

As I conclude my third year of ‘Out and About’ – recording where Jogi was seen as a spectator at games, I am reminded of the reason why I started the exercise in the first place.  It was just after Euro 2012 (yes, that time) and a Borussia Dortmund fan had turned to twitter claiming that Jogi had never turned out to watch his side play during 2011/2012.  A quick ‘head’ count through that season in my website’s Archive Section showed me that not only had Jogi most certainly watched Borussia Dortmund play, but he had, in fact, watched them play more than any other side in the Bundesliga. When I informed the person concerned, I was promptly told (along with obligatory accompanying obscenities) that I should ‘prove it’.

So I decided that, in future years, I would place myself in the position where I could do precisely that.

Over the three years I have carried out the exercise, I have seen nothing other than a completely fair distribution of visits, the number of views each team has seeming in proportion to the number of players they have in the national team.  European competitions also feature and naturally Bayern Munich featured higher this year, due to their progression to the Champions League semi-final.

Freiburg and, this year, Berlin will always also get more ‘views’ as they are cities in which Jogi has homes, and not even the most biased of club fans can surely infer that he should travel hundreds of miles to visit a north German club one week, only to have them playing close to his home in an away fixture the next.  If he did make such journeys, he would probably be criticised for wasting resources!

Sadly for Freiburg and their fans, he will not have the opportunity to watch first tier football with them next year.

As to the man in black-and-yellow.  Your ignorance has added a very interesting facet to my website.  Much appreciated.  Even though I am more than sure you didn’t mean it that way.