We look back at Germany’s victorious World Cup campaign – now exactly a year ago.

Germany 2 – 1 Algeria
Porto Alegre

The knock-out stage gets under way with an extra time win for Germany against Algeria (Jogi’s first-ever journey into extra time as Bundestrainer), in a match that Jogi described as “a victory of will”.

It was probably a source of amusement to those fans in other countries who had already exited the World Cup, that following a victory (repeat, victory), Jogi was getting more ‘stick’ in his native country than all those returned home combined, the “Selbsternannte Bundestrainers” speaking of the suffering German football fans in such dramatic terms that I am sure those back home in England, Portugal, Spain and Italy were rushing to extend their sympathies!

Seriously though, one of the major criticisms of the German team in previous tournaments had always been of their inability to grind out a victory if playing below par. Now they had proved they could do precisely that. And after all, hadn’t West Germany in 1974 and Spain in 2010 won tournaments after actually losing a game!

However the ever-growing skeptics and critics, it would appear, would not be satisfied with anything less than a complete demolition of their opponents.

Be patient….. It’s coming…